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Tania Leon

Senior Accounts Specialist, Western Canada

Tania joined the Ocean Wise seafood team in 2015, and with a focus on Vancouver’s Asian food scene, she actively engages more diverse food industry partners and community leaders to increase awareness and accessibility of sustainable seafood across different cultures, price points and cuisines that were previously underrepresented. Tania is responsible for also managing Western Canada’s supplier partnerships and works to build and create collaborative opportunities with key community supporters and partner ambassadors.

Tania completed her Bachelor of Science degree at the University of British Columbia where her interdisciplinary studies combined Environmental Sciences and Sustainable Food Systems. She has a background in marketing and sustainability engagement, and is passionate about inspiring restaurants and consumers to embrace sustainable seafood the way farm-to-fork and other agrarian food movements have grown in popularity. During her spare time, Tania can be spotted at local food and community events, or outdoors along the Sea to Sky hiking, climbing, or skiing.

Contact Tania:

Phone: (604) 335-4978
Email: [email protected]

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