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Rachel Chudnow

Science Lead, Fisheries

Rachel brings diverse academic and professional experience to her role with the Ocean Wise Seafood team. She has research experience ranging from large scale ecosystem impacts to commercial and recreational fisheries management, and life history and population dynamics modelling for species worldwide, including the Northwest Atlantic and Pacific Northwest. Rachel is currently completing her PhD in Zoology, specializing in fisheries science at the University of British Columbia. She completed her MSc. at the University of British Columbia and her BSc. Honours in marine biology at Dalhousie University. Rachel also has experience as a fisheries scientist with the British Columbia Ministry of Environment, Freshwater Fisheries Society of British Columbia (working on various projects relating to salmon life history and small lake fisheries in British Columbia), as well as with Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the Fishermen’s and Friends Research Society (researching lobster and sea urchin). She also spent a stint working as a prep and line cook and loves to try new food and be in the kitchen. When not in the office Rachel can be found hiking, cycling, gardening, cooking, or hunting new restaurants or coffee shops to try.

Contact Rachel:

Phone: 604-659-3507

Email: [email protected]

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