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Erika Bolliger

Accounts Coordinator, Eastern Canada

Erika is guided by a strong belief that every single person can create positive change. This belief has guided both her education and career. Erika has an Honours BSc in Biodiversity and Conservation Biology from the University of Toronto and wants to use her familiarity with conservation science to make environmental activism accessible to everyone. Using her passion for public speaking, Erika hopes to reach as many people as possible with messages of hope to inspire action. She has engaged in professional outreach regarding endangered reptiles, coral reefs and climate change, shark conservation, zero-waste initiatives, and now sustainable seafood.

Erika is also an avid traveler and fell in love with exploring during her summer living on the Galapagos Islands for her undergraduate thesis project. She is always looking for new places to scuba dive, new foods to try, and new ideas from local communities about how to tackle conservation issues. Erika is making the most of this opportunity to advocate for sustainable seafood and hopes to make waves of change with Ocean Wise.


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Email: [email protected]

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