Seafood Watch Assessment Standards: Wild Capture Fisheries


How many ratings result from one assessment?

Each wild capture fishery (including salmonid fisheries) assessment results in a rating for each targeted species (may include one to multiple stocks of a single species or multiple target species, in the case of a multispecies fishery), the harvest method(s) (fishing gears) used, and the geographic region where fishing occurs. Therefore, multiple sustainability ratings can result from a single assessment.

What is assessed using the Standard?

Though there are differences in the Standard used for wild capture vs. salmonids, both Standards score fisheries out of five (5) for each of the following key criteria evaluated in an assessment:


How does assessed seafood become Ocean Wise?

To be Ocean Wise Recommended, assessed seafood sourced from wild-capture fisheries including salmonid fisheries must have an Overall Score greater than 2.8 out of 5 with no critical scores.

Ocean Wise Ratings vs. Seafood Watch (SFW) Ratings: Fisheries

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