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A sustainable seafood fundraising festival for the Ocean Wise Seafood program 

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The Ocean Wise Seafood Festival is an exciting opportunity to celebrate and support our partners across the country for the entire month of February while raising funds for the non-profit Ocean Wise Seafood program. This event will drive awareness about the importance of sustainable seafood and the variety of places (like your business) to access those options in support of healthy oceans, lakes, and rivers. 

To participate in the Ocean Wise Seafood Festival, partners across the country will be selling sustainable seafood chowders, dishes, fillets, or packaged products, with part proceeds donated to the Ocean Wise Seafood program. This will be an opportunity to be part of a month-long fundraising festival to draw new customers to your business as a trusted source of sustainable seafood.

Example: $10 per chowder sold, $5 per dish served, $2 per fillet purchased

Every dollar raised during the Ocean Wise Seafood Festival ensures that everyone has the resources and guidance they need to support sustainable seafood systems, avoid overfished species, and limit bycatch and habitat damage. Collectively, our Ocean Wise choices make a difference for the fishers and farmers working to secure the health of our oceans, lakes and rivers for generations to come. 

The Perks

  • Engagement @OceanWiseSeafood social media channels (+40K followers across platforms)  
  • Listing on the Ocean Wise Seafood Festival webpage and our Facebook event page 
  • Exposure to new audiences and markets  
  • Social Media Toolkit with pre-made tweets and posts with relevant hashtags #OceanWiseFestival
  • Event poster to print for your business 
  • Participant badge for promotion on your website and social media 
  • Opportunity to win one of 9 prestigious Festival awards! 
  • Plastic Reduction Program resource with three optional packaging recommendations for eco-friendly alternatives to takeout containers. 

Requirements for Participation

  1. Must be an official Ocean Wise Seafood partner.
  2. Seafood ingredients must be 100% Ocean Wise recommended and verified by an Ocean Wise Staff member.
  3. Complete registration form by Friday December 10th 2021.  
  4. Commit to clearly identifying your Festival dish/products on your website, menus, and at POS in store.  
  5. Commit to selling your chosen sustainable seafood product for the ENTIRE month of February to support this fundraising event.   
  6. Commit to keeping track of dishes/products sold to calculate final fundraising amount and impact of this event.
  7. Commit to contributing the minimum donation amount ($250 restaurants, $500 retail, $750 suppliers) if it is not reached by the per-purchase model. Total contribution will depend on total sales of Festival Dishes, but the minimum ensures our team will be able to invest the capacity to make this fundraising festival a success while continuing to support our conservation work.  
  8. Fundraising contribution must be sent by cheque or credit card by MondayMarch 7th so we can add up the funds raised and celebrate the winners!   


Ocean Wise Seafood Festival Participant Registration

Ocean Wise Seafood Festival 2022 Registration
Primary Business Location
Primary Business Location
Your Name
Your Name
Marketing Contact (if applicable)
Marketing Contact (if applicable)
I am an Official Ocean Wise Seafood Partner
Please note that only Official Partners are eligible to participate in the Ocean Wise Seafood Festival
Seafood Festival Dish/Product Type:
All seafood products must be Ocean Wise recommended and verified by Ocean Wise staff
Buisness Type
Total donation amount will depend on sales of Festival Dishes during February. Setting a *minimum* fundraising amount ensures our team able to invest adequate capacity as a not-for-profit into making this a successful fundraising festival. If the amount listed does not suit the size of your business, please explain in the "Additional Notes" box below.
*Optional* Select official Beverage Sponsor(s) to pair with your dish/product or serve at your location during the Festival to double your impact and promotion!
Beverage Sponsors are donating 10-15% of proceeds from Festival Beverages during February! Ocean Wise will provide further details and e-introductions to your selected Beverage Sponsors. Please also indicate if you ALREADY offer any of these beverages so we can double-promote you!
I would like to be contacted for potential external media opportunities associated with the Festival and I consent to having my email address shared for this purpose.
I have read and agree to the Cause-Related Marketing Guidelines below
Cause-Related Marketing initiatives are defined as businesses or individuals wishing to donate a portion of the sale of a product or service to Ocean Wise and wish to use Ocean Wise’s brand (and/or its sub-brands) in the promotion of this initiative. As per Canada Revenue Agency regulations, we cannot issue tax receipts from this type of agreement/initiative. For more information about CRA guidelines, please visit the CRA website. For any initiatives in which proceeds of a sale benefit Ocean Wise, transparency regarding the amount donated per sale is required in your communications. For example: “XX% of the proceeds from this sale will be donated to Ocean Wise.” Any claims concerning the impact of a donation, or donation equivalence, must be obtained from and approved by Ocean Wise before usage.Use of Ocean Wise marks and logos is limited to the “in support of” logo for the campaign. Organizers must adhere to the logo use guidelines, as outlined in the logo package. All promotional materials featuring the Ocean Wise name and/or logo must be reviewed and approved by Ocean Wise. The submitter will allow at least 10 business days for review. Ocean Wise in no way participates in quid pro quo activities related to charitable gifts received. Ocean Wise reserves the right to, at its sole discretion, selectively and willfully post or re-post messaging and content about your initiative on the channels of our choice without prior approval. Ocean Wise does not sell or distribute products for companies engaged in Cause-Related Marketing initiatives on our behalf. Ocean Wise cannot share information about its customers, donors, or membership including mailing lists and email lists with any third parties. Ocean Wise’s Privacy Policy can be found here. By submitting an application, all risks and liabilities associated with the proposal and/or initiative are assumed by the Submitter and the Submitter hereby releases and holds harmless Ocean Wise, its directors, officers, employees, its agents or representatives. The Submitter accepts responsibility for all claims, damages, costs and expenses arising out of or in conjunction with the proposed campaign. Submitter shall indemnify, defend and hold Ocean Wise and its officers and directors harmless against any claim, loss or damage, including reasonable legal fees in connection with or resulting from the Cause-Related Marketing campaign.


Last Year’s Chowder Festival Stats 

  • 55 participating locations
  • $35,600+ funds raised 
  • +2,048 L and +2,136 bowls of sustainable seafood chowder sold 
  • +5 Million social media impressions  
  • +7 Million people reached through traditional and social media 
  • +45 articles, blogs, newsletters, radio, TV, and podcast features about the Chowder Chowdown Festival 

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