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Isabella Sulpizio

Ocean Wise Coordinator, Eastern Canada

I knew I wanted to be involved in the dynamic and challenging world of conservation when I took a world  issues course in high school and the experience ignited my passion in understanding humans and their  impacts upon the environment. This led me to do my undergraduate degree from York University in  Environmental Studies and continue my education by getting a Masters of Arts in Geography from the  University of Guelph.  My thesis research focused upon the sustainable seafood movement in North America  and exploring the tensions therein. This research took me to the Boston Seafood Show where I saw  sustainability within the seafood industry first hand and made me want to help contribute to this transition to a  better seafood industry. I got into contact with Ocean Wise shortly after my thesis and became an active  volunteer.  I believe environmental education is a great way to encourage people to make positive seafood  choices and I am very proud to be part of this mission and continue to steer consumption in the right  direction

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Phone: (647) 775-8163
Email: [email protected]

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