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Alasdair Lindop

Science Lead, Aquaculture

Originally from the UK, Alasdair earned a Masters in Tropical Coastal Management from Newcastle University after a BSc in Marine Biology. He has had a varied professional career, including working on European coastal sustainability projects, as a fisheries manager for the UK government and on a University of British Columbia global research projects investigating overfishing. More recently, Alasdair joined the Ocean Wise team in January 2017 as a Research Analyst focusing on small-scale Canadian fisheries. His research assesses the sustainability of these fisheries according to criteria developed by Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Program and ultimately helps to educate consumers and promote local sustainable seafood choices. Outside of the office, Alasdair can be found hiking or snowboarding in the mountains, or on a sports field playing soccer and Australian rules football.

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Phone: (604) 659-3442
Email: [email protected]

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